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Why You Should be Talking to you Customers about Connected

Author: Molly McCrory

Homeowners today are being inundated with information about smart home products. They turn on the TV and see a commercial for the Nest Hello video doorbell. They walk into Home Depot or Lowes and are immediately confronted with a display of smart thermostats. They go online and are bombarded with ads for the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. No matter the format, they can’t seem to avoid this emerging new segment within the home even though there’s one channel that still isn’t really offering these products: HVAC contractors.

If you are one of these contractors who doesn’t proactively offer these products to your customers, here are some reasons you should reconsider:

  1. The products aren’t seasonal
    It’s understood that the HVAC industry is seasonal and professionals in this industry search for ways to even out the peaks and valleys of their business. Connected products are one of the ways you can do that. It doesn’t need to be boiling hot out or freezing cold for you to create additional sales by offering connected products. In fact, most of the smart thermostats being installed today are replacing perfectly functioning non-connected thermostats. You don’t need to have a unit break down to sell a connected smoke and CO detector. You just need to have a conversation with a homeowner.
  2. Homeowners already know and want these products
    How often do you or your sales team spend explaining a product to a customer in order to convince them to buy it? With the majority of connected products, that isn’t necessary. Most homeowners are already aware of the various connected products and what those products do, which helps to drive homeowners’ demand. They just don’t know you sell them!
  3. Use this to sell more of what makes you money
    Since most homeowners already know about and want these products, use that as leverage to sell more of what makes you money: full unit replacements and service contracts. Contractors who have begun including a “free smart thermostat” in every job quote have seen a sizeable increase in their closing rate and have differentiated themselves from their competition. The same has shown true for giving a smart product or voice assistant away to close more service contracts. Additionally, they have seen add-on sales increase from these customers who want to know what else can connect to the products they already have each time their unit is serviced.

Connected product sales are forecasted to grow 74% in the next five years. The individuals who include connected products in their business plan will see similar growth. By offering these products, you will see an increase in add-on sales, system replacement wins, and service contracts signed while simultaneously evening out the seasonality of your business. Grow connected and grow your business.

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