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Connected Tech Tip: LeakSmart Appliance Kits

How LeakSmart appliance kits work.
The LeakSmart appliance kit quickly detects water leaks, audibly alerts you, and automatically shuts off the water supply to the appliance preventing devastating water damage to your home.

1. Appliance Kit Sensor
When water makes contact with the sensor, it quickly detects the water leak, big or small, and sends an immediate signal to the control panel. Link up to five sensor together for extended coverage.

2. Appliance Kit Control Panel
The LeakSmart Control Panel activates the motorized brass ball valve and sounds an audible alarm to alert you that there’s a water leak.

3. Appliance Kit Valve
The LeakSmart motorized brass ball valve automatically shuts off the water supply in five seconds to minimize water damage.

Why should a Home Service contractor be interested in selling these appliance kits?

  • Offer single point leak protection without the need for Wi-Fi – device provides local detection and shutoff with audible alarm and blinking lights
  • Many HVAC contractors also install water heaters, adding the Water Heater appliance kit can provide leak protection without breaking the bank
  • With the array of options, can lead to incremental sales à Appliance kit styles: water heaters, washing machines, sinks, ice makers, dishwashers & even now humidifiers
  • Protect their customers from horrible home damage, especially if home or unit has multiple floors
    • Many new construction multi family units are requiring water shutoff valves & sensors for anything above the 1st floor

Need to learn more about LeakSmart? Use these resources below to get started.