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The iDevice products are uniquely flexible and innovative. With the recent release of their in-wall product line, iDevices has created a collection that is both easy to use and extremely efficient. With custom switches and covers, these products are easy to connect into any smart home system. The primary benefit of this product line is the ability to connect with the 3 leading smart home systems (Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant). These products work with both iOS and Android applications and come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.
Some of the new leading products include:

• Requires no additional hardware
• Tracks energy usage within the home
• Single pole or multi-way setup
• In app high/low trim settings
• Customizable color LED light
• Ability to work with all bulb types
• Hardwired duplex outlet that is installed into homes
• Manual power buttons
• Individual outlet control
• Bluetooth technology that pairs to any existing iDevice product
• Includes custom magnetic wall plate but accepts any standard wall plate
• 2-year battery life
• Rain-tight and highly durable product with rugged design
• Dual outlets with 10-amp max
• Side mount receptacle and manual power button
• 15-amp maximum output
These new in-line products offered through iDevices are sleek, efficient, and extremely compatible. Take advantage of iDevices being a one-stop shop for in-wall products for the smart home system of your choice.
Learn more here.