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Ecobee has just released the all-new, ecobee SmartThermostat Pro. The ecobee 5 looks similar to the past thermostat models but is equipped with advanced technology for clearer connectivity. With a five-year warranty, you can guarantee that this thermostat functions with the high-quality connectivity that your homeowner is looking for. Advancements of the ecobee 5 include:

  • Clearer audio and advanced streaming support
  • Simple installation process
  • Dual Band Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5 GHz for better connectivity
  • Advanced voice control with Alexa built-in

With Alexa and the latest in far-field voice technology built-in, homeowners can have a connected home using less devices. This thermostat not only controls temperatures, it is voice controlled and has a completely reengineered speaker for crystal-clear streaming. This technology allows homeowners to use simple voice commands for many tasks including:

  • Making phone calls to family and friends
  • Changing the temperature or mode of the thermostat
  • Controlling other smart home devices
  • Streaming music (i.e., spotify connect)

In addition to the advanced features of the SmartThermostat pro, the ecobee 5 comes with an improved ecobee SmartSensor. This sensor has improved temperature management and communication frequency. With more mounting options, your homeowner will be able to choose where they would like the sensor placed. This features allows homeowners to place sensors in spots that are significantly warmer or cooler than other areas. The Smartsensor detects both temperature and occupancy to ensure that comfort is properly delivered. Since the sensor detects occupancy, it is able to reduce energy costs by adjusting for saving when no one is present. If one is not enough, this thermostat can be paired with 32 sensors.

For homeowners, this thermostat is considered the “smart home of thermostats.” With simply voice commands, homeowners can call their friends, change the temperature, and control their smart home.

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