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For the first time, contractors finally have more options when it comes to variable speed motor replacements. It used to be that the only option in a variable speed motor replacement was to return to the OEM, but with the release of the MARS QwikSwap Azure Motor, variable speed motors can now be replaced in a timely and affordable manner.

The QwikSwap Azure Variable Speed Motor adapter consists of a pair of SKU’s. These SKU’s are:

  • The MAR08506 (QwikSwap Motor Adapter)
  • The MAR10868 or MAR10869 (The Azure QwikSwap Motor)

These two SKU’s replace virtually all OEM variable speed motors from 1/3HP to 1HP; this is inclusive to virtually all variable speed motors that have an expired warranty. This MARS product replaces failed motors by Genteq, Emerson, Nidec, and more.

You might be wondering how the MARS QwikSwap is a solution to all variable speed jobs. The MARS QwikSwap converts variable speed blower systems into simple, three-speed ECM systems. When QwikSwap is installed in place of the OEM, the control board signals the QwikSwap board as to what three speeds the motor should be operating at. The communication of this MARS motor is compatible with all equipment manufacturer protocols and can determine the communication protocol in less than one second.

Across all equipment brands, variable speed motors use the same wire harness configurations. The Qwikswap board has the same sockets as the variable speed motors and accepts all harness types. This set-up allows the Qwikswap board to have a “plug and play” configuration.

There are three easy steps for a successful QwikSwap installation process:

  1. Connect the Azure board to the existing factory harness
  2. Install the blower motor and connect the Azure speed taps to the Qwikswap board. Make sure to secure the blower motor housing
  3. Attach the temperature sensor to the coil and confirm the operation of the system. The temperature sensor provides key performance data to the board whether your unit is in cooling or heating mode.

The Azure QwikSwap motor is an affordable and timely alternative to an OEM variable speed replacement motor. Download the sell sheet.