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Using an R-410A Flare Tool

Flare-Tool-1The R-410A flare tool will create a defined 45 degree angle in the copper so it will seal tightly against the flare fitting. Older flare tools will not create a tight seal.

When installing mini-splits, flares are required on each end of the line set to connect the evaporator and condenser. Since R-410A is a much higher pressure than older refrigerants, mini split manufacturers often require a larger diameter, deeper flare to produce stronger joints.

Flare_Tool_2In this photo, the flare on the right is a new flare created with the R-410A flare tool. You will see that the angle at the bottom of the flare is much more defined than the older flare on the left. Also, the flare is larger and has more surface area than the one on the left. This will produce a stronger connection because there is more area to seal against the flare fitting.
Follow these steps to create a flare with the R-410A Flare tool.

Flare-Tool-3First, insert your copper into the flare tool based on the diameter of your copper, as shown in the photo above. The copper should be flush with the flare bar. It should not extend above the flare bar as old flare bars have required.

Attach the yoke to the flare bar and then turn the handle on the yoke to flare the copper. The flare is complete when the yoke releases pressure. You can then remove your copper from the Flare Tool.